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tv   John King USA  CNN  March 27, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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bunny flblood splattering out. >> any questions? >> reporter: those people who do the taiwanese animations of news stories had a question. >> what kind animal would cain kill in his next video? >> this is a toughed toy rabbit. put it this pt in it in perspec. >> that's it for me. thanks for joining us. the news continues next on cnn. tonight two giant national controversies at center stage right here in the nags's capital. the supreme court considers the mandate at the center of the health care law and the conservative majority sounds highly skeptical. plus the parents p trayvon martin ask congress for help as will they demand an arrest, the special prosecutor tells us there's at least one eyewitness to the tragic shooting. and a man pounding on a cockpit
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door during a flight across the country screaming there's a bomb. we'll take you inside jetblue flight 191. we he begin with the drama still unfolding on capitol hill. members of congress heard from the parents of trayvon martin. he is of course the florida teenager shot and killed last month by george zimmerman who has not been arrested or charged with any crime. the grieving parents met with house democrats. they insist their son was shot because he was black. >> i'd like to say thank you, thank you for the support. as i said before and i'll say it again, trayvon was our son, but trayvon is your son. >> thank you to everyone who is supportive of our family, everyone who has helped us stand tall in this matter. >> at a time investigators are
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asking for calm and for time, the martin family supporters in congress are only escalating their rhetoric. >> this investigation is laceded with racial profiling, lies, and murder. trayvon was hunted, chased, tackled and shot. ill conceived laws and lax gun laws all contribute to this tragedy. in closing, mr. zimmerman should be arrested immediately for his own safety. >> in a few moments we'll hear from the special prosecutor in charge of investigating the trayvon martin shooting. but now a defining legal and political debate. president obama's signature achievement, health care reform, may be in serious trouble. attorneys defending the law ran into tough questions at the supreme court today, especially when they argued the constitution gives congress the power to force you to buy health
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insurance. justice kennedy joined the other conservatives in voicing doubts. >> the reason this is concerning is because it requires the individual to do an affirmative act. once we say that there is a market and congress can require people to participate, all bets are off and you can regulate that market in any rational way. >> you can make people buy broccoli. >> kate, let's start with you. this is a huge case. very tough questions. very quickly out of the box from the justices. >> very tough questions. and from the sound bites that we just ran, it really sums up where a lot of the line of questioning was from the more conservative justices, specially right at the solicitor general. they really hammered him on a lot of kind of the central questions that have been lingering. and from their line of questioning and from the sound bites that you heard from inside
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the courtroom, it definitely signals if not strongly suggests that the justices, more conservative justices were not buying his argument, more buying the argument of the attorney representing the states that they believe the law goes just too far in forcing people to buy something they may not need or want and also they seemed concerned about where is the boundary, that's the kind of brockly argument. but again, a lot of hard questioning. they can always surprise us, but it seems like the individual mandate could be in real trouble. >> jeff, you tweeted that had fact immediately after. by your math and i want to listen to more, some people at home are asking what if they're playing devil's advocate, what if they're asking these tough questions to hide what they really think. let's think of a more liberal justice and more conservative justice. >> i hook balook back in to hisd
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it seems clear that if there are substantial effects on interstate commerce, congress can act. >> it's the insurance market you're addressing and you're saying some people who are not in it must be in it. and that's different from regulating in any manner commerce that all right exists out there. >> you studied this court crowley. is what they say in the courtroom what they think or are they playing games a little bit? >> this is a an example of how the court has changed. 20 years ago, they would do some devil's advocate. you couldn't predict very ath accurately how they were going to vote based on what they said. these days, almost all the time you can tell what they're thinking by what they're saying. and today, the four conservatives who spoke were clearly very skeptical of the law, clarence thomas as he has for the past six years didn't speak, but his views on this issue are well-known. that gets to you five and i think the individual mandate is
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gone. >> and you tweeted and you were saying in our coverage you think this this law, the mandate part is in grave danger. democrats don't like that. so the democratic leader of the united states senate, harry reid, decided to challenge our senior analyst. >> i wouldn't bet on this, but i'll bet i've been in court a lot more than jeff are rrey too. and i've had arguments, federal circuit, supreme court and hundreds of times before trial courts and the questions you get from the judges didn't mean that's what's going to wind up with the opinion. >> that was then, this is now? >> with all due tors my fell legal analyst harry reid, i'm sure he has more experience than i do. it this court, they don't mess around. they don't talk to each other a lot except during oral arguments. they give it their best shot and it looked like 5-4 to me. >> they came up with pretty strong opinions.
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>> the four liberals were clearly not happy with the job defending the what you, law, so making speeches. people almost laughed a couple types because steven breyer was speaking so much more than asking questions. >> we'll talk more about it later and again tomorrow. see you in a bit. another scary moment in the skies today. get this this, the jetblue flight had to divert after according to passengers the captain started yelling about a bomb. heidi was a passenger on flight 191 from new york to las vegas. she was in row eight. i talked to her about just what happened. >> i was sitting watching an - flight movie and all of a sudden a bunch of flight attendants were running down the aisle and ahead of them was a tall gentleman in a jetblue uniform. i didn't know at the time that he was the captain.
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he started pounding on the bathroom door yelling i need the code, i need to get back in. when they were trying to calm him down, he was saying hers going to bomb us and they had to restrain him and a bunch of male passengers ran to the front of the plane to hub subdue him to the ground. at that time, we heard over the intercom with need to restrain him, we need to restrain him and they got him will dodown to the. >> he said something about a bomb? >> yeah, pretty much heard that part. it was pretty interesting to hear that coming from someone? a jetblue uniform. we didn't know at the time he was a captain. he was pretty freaked out banging on the docockpit door. so, yeah, a very scary five minutes. >> the airline is saying the captain had a medical condition. what do you know? >> they're saying this was a medical situation. we know that local law enforcement, the fbi, tsa, is
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looking in to what happened. but you heard heidi talk about this. you certainly got a sense from among the many passengers, i've talked with three or four of them, of the fear that was going on. the faa also said that the co-pilot became concerned about the pilot's behavior and essentially the pilot left the cockpit, co-pilot locked the door. that's one of the things going on. and then that dramatic run from the back of the plane up to the front where several passengers including a retired nypd sergeant sat on him for about 15 minutes until they got the plane down. >> great reaction by those on the flight. coincidence or something to be concerned about that we were talking just a week ago about the american airlines flight attendant who had a rant into the speakers, the p.a. system on the plane about possibly a bomb? might . >> a little bit of both. anything that happens on a plane getting everybody's attention. certainly a plane at cruising
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altitude like this. it's important to remind everyone the pilots are the most screened an self selected groups of people in the country who are fit, who undergo medical examinations to get their licenses, to get their renewals. and one of the things we've seen is actually back and forth with the faa about mental health and folks who fly. the faa now allows pilots to fly on four different types of antidepressants and there are questions about asking for help if they need it. we don't know if that it's the case here. we asked what are you doing about it this, and we're waiting to hear. >> let's hope we're not talking about another one of these soon. one of harsh critics of the health care reform law. we'll ask michele bachmann what should happen to people who have insurance now and may lose it if that law is overturned. you but next, the special
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parents of trayvon martin were on capitol hill today. the invitation of house democrats. last month's shooting death is under both state and federal investigation and a newly released police account suggests that it was trayvon who initiated the fight with self appointed neighborhood watch captain grnlg zippeorge zimmerm. the leak has not only made the family furious, but also their supporters in congress. >> i don't know whether it's incompetence or whether it's cover unor all of the above. >> trayvon is the victim of a botched police investigation. full of incompetence or intelligent mismanagement. >> just a bit earlier i had a
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conversation with angela cory, named as special prosecutor. trayvon's parents are on capitol hill. they're calling this a hate crime. they're demanding an arrest. you have met with them. did you express any concerns that their public statements could complicate your effort to get to the bottom of this, the facts? >> we met with trayvon's parents twice yesterday. i met them for the first time yesterday evening. we pledged our commitment to a search for the truth for them and we have asked that all public statements be limited to the process and not to the facts. >> others have come in, too, whether al sharpton, jesse jackson, members of congress who have come down to florida, on capitol hill, the town i work in in washington. would it be best for those people to stand aside or does this political outcry not complicate your work at all? >> well, no, the political outcry makes our job harder
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because anytime will isthere is misunderstanding of the process based on what we're require to do, it does make our job more difficult. so we would hope people give us a chance to get this task that the governor has given us accomplished and we think that what they will see in the long run is that this is a complicated law. it's an affirmative defense, justifiable use of deadly force. but we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to seek justice for trayvon, for his parents. >> correspond to the police account, they believe trayvon attacked mr. zimmerman. they believe trayvon banged his head off the ground and that was their encounter. have you seen any evidence that contradicts the police report that's now been put in the public domain? >> that police report should not a been put in the public domain. we have strict rules in florida with regard to when a document becomes a public record and that does not comport with florida that you. we would ask that anyone who had access to these reports please stop putting these out there until it's the appropriate time. that would be when charges are
3:17 pm
filed and discovery is under way . >> but have you seen anything that contradictses it? >> i can't comment on that because that would an comment on the facts of the case. so i'm so sorry, but i know those are some of the answers people are asking. but we really need our time to finish this investigation. >> do you believe there are are any eyewitness taos this or just those who overheard things? good. >> we believe there may have been one person who saw something, we believe there are a lot of ear witnesses. if anyone knows about this case, complete let us know and we'll made a proper interview occur so that this can become part of the official case file. and the other thing is we need people to remember that florida law may be different from the laws in the other states and it may be handled a little differently than in other areas. >> another thing the family has been upset about in recent days is the release of some information about why their son was suspended from school.
3:18 pm
is any of that relevant to your investigation? >> well, it's always something we determine, but it may not ever come in front of the trier of fact. so it's very dangerous to put different facts that may or may not become evidence out in front of the public. at the very worst, it can cause a change of venue or it could damage trayvon's reputation when it may not be relevant to what we're doing. so we would ask people to please just filter information to us and we will as sim late that into our case file and make legal use of it. >> let me ask you you lastly, you see the attention this is getting not only in your community, but across the country. and the issues of race have been brought into play. a lot of other questions that tend to divide people. does that in any sense urge you to speed up your time table, do you know when you'll be able to say here's my report, here's what i believe the final facts are? >> my lawyers are on their way back from sanford now and subpoenas i'm finished with will
3:19 pm
this interview, i plan to staff this case with them and see where we go next.i'm finished w this interview, i plan to staff this case with them and see where we go next. i don't have that answer right now for you. but i'm hoping in the next couple of weeks we'll be able to at least give a formal update to all of you who have been waiting. and thank you for your interest in this this case. >> thanks for your time today. next video from a french gunman's murderous campaign proves too inflammatory for tv news. and later, romney's attempts to make political hey draws a rebuke from the president of russia p. aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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good evening. headlines to catch you up on. we begin with an important development in the syrian crisis. its government accepted a six point peace plan put forward by u.n. and arab league envoy. syrian president made a rare public appearance walking through the 12r50streets of hom. but new video from just this week appears to show the civilians including children are still being killed and wounded bylling in hom schlhoms. president sarkozy urged news organizations not to broadcast video allegedly taken from a camera strapped to the gunman's
3:24 pm
body during the shooting sprees. and pope benedict received a warm welcome from castro. no word yet on whether fidel castro will attend that meeting. and finally, the israelily government is banning super thin models from advertisements and run ways. the law requires models to meet a certain weight index. israel, joins norway and france and england to combat disorders. that photo shopping issue is always talked about in terms of magazines and who is on the covers. >> what i have here is the golden rule. men should say nothing about it this. >> i agree. you are are a wise man. >> we'll see and you bit later. coming up, president obama's open mike mistake sparks an
3:25 pm
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in this half hour, health care politics goes back to the future. what happens to you and what would the poll tesch shans do next? president obama tries to recover from an embarrassing
3:29 pm
gaffe and russia accuses mitt romney of a cold blooded mind set. >> jane fonda may be cast to play the first lady of the reagan revolution. president obama's highly embarrassing encounter with an open microphone escalated into name calling. it all started when president obama in south korea was overheard yesterday asking the russian president for some space on mnato's plans to deploy a missile defense program in russia. >> this is my last election. after my election, i have more flexibility. >> here on cnn yesterday, governor romney labeled the president's comments terribly wrong. >> russia is not a frebliendly character for the world stage and for this president to be looking for a greater flexibility where he doesn't
3:30 pm
have to answer to the american people is very troubling, very al harming. >> you saw the russian president today, president obama drew a laugh by stepping over to the microphone, covering it with his hand. but medvedev wasn't laughing when he called romney's criticism reminiscent of hollywo hollywood. >> translator: i would advise two things to all u.s. presidential candidates including the person you just mentioned. pie first advice is to listen to reason when they formulate their positions. reason never armed the presidential candidate. my other advice is to check the clocks from time to time. it is 2012, not the mid 1970s. >> romney adviser says those comments make it evident the kremlin would prefer to continue doing business with the current incumbent of the white house in contrast to president obama. governor romney is clear about the geopolitical challenges russia poses. let's discuss it with jessica yellin. the democrats are trying to quickly change the subject away from the president's gaffe to will this spate between the russians and governor romney.
3:31 pm
let's listen to a little clib of the web video the democratic national committee put up. >> if we want somebody who has a lot of experience in foreign policy, we can go to the state department and pluck out one of the tens of thousands of people who work there. but a president is not a foreign policy expert. this is without question our number one geopolitical foe. >> pretty quick action. do they think this actually helps them score points or just change the subject? >> they're trying to change the subject and it's clearly a smashing fest a snark fest all the way around. obama campaign put out a statement saying romney hasn't made clear his foreign policy goals so he should show his cards. advisers essentially mocked his statement that russia is american's chief geopolitical foe. but bottom line, let's be clear, that the political damage in president obama's off mike remark is not necessarily
3:32 pm
specific to russia or to missile defense and foreign policy. but the damage that can be done will come in the general election when the gop can use this against president obama to argue that he has purely political goals to try to make the case that voters conditions know what he would be capable of doing in a second term which is a narrative other republicans have tried to build in the past without any evidence and how they can try it say, oh, well, they have evidence here. >> makes us hopeful for the tone of the campaign ahead. let's focus on this spate at the moment, though. oddly, the democratic president of the united states got a bit of help about the open mike gaffe from the republican speaker of the house. let's listen. >> well, clearly the president was overseas, he's at a conference, and while the president is oversea, i think it's appropriate that people not be critical of him or our country. >> a little old school politics
3:33 pm
from the speaker. >> that harkens back to a cold war era in washington, d.c. of gentlemanly politics. remember that old saying mole ti politics stopped at the water's edge. never criticize the commander in chief when he'so overseas. but clearly no longer the standard. this time around, beginning grich, romney, neither of them listened to what speaker boehner was advising in this instance. and went ahead and criticized the president. >> old school credit for the speaker of the house today. jessica, thank you. the supreme court heard arguments in a case that hits home for all of us, whether the federal government can make you have health insurance and whether you can be punished for pot buying it. president obama's signature health care measure, and plenty of lawmakers jumping in to the big debate. here's what ron johnson told our
3:34 pm
senior congressional correspondent dana bash. >> optimistic. certainly justice was highly skrept ska skeptical. can the federal government force free americans to buy a product. will is a very basic issue of freedom. >> let's go straight up to dana bash. is that the buzz, republicans think the supreme court will do for them what they don't have the votes to do on capitol hill, and are the democrats worried? >> largely i talked to several republicans who were smiling as they walked back across the street here to the hill after they were in the courtroom. and i heard a lot of what you just heard from senator johnson, that they didn't think that the administration did a particularly between job arguing for the health care law, but more importantly, they were very pleased with what justi tice kennedy said. they were happy with the questions he asked and comments he made. they thought it was very much against the health care law. but it's very interesting, not
3:35 pm
everybody was giddy. and hold on to your hat. i know you'll talk to michele bachmann soon. she actually said something very similar to what the democratic senate majority leader harry reid said, which is that you can't take anything or you should be careful not to take very much in the questions that the justices ask because you never know what it will mean. they disagreed with jeffrey toobin, but i can tell you that a democratic source told me that there was a little bit of heartburn here based on what they heard from the administration. they didn't have the greatest day at the court today. >> you mention don't take might go for granted. we all assume this fight in some shape or form will continue. you went outside to a tea party rally. at deja vu? >> you see patients there right now. it really reminded me of the rallies right here on the capitol in 200937 and it was a
3:36 pm
reminder of the passion of this argument. look, of course we know that jobs and the economy are the driving issue in this campaign coming up here in 2012. but the whole idea of it will health care law really will crystallize what many people believe is the democrats, particularly the obama administration, heavy hand of government, and it energyizes parties. this issue could still drive votes it coming november. >> without a doubt. a big decision to come but the politics of this will continue. dana bash, thanks. minnesota congresswoman and former presidential candidate michele bachmann led that tea party opposition outside the supreme court came. and she's with us how. let me ask you a policy question. a lot of people were in the courtroom who say the conservative majority appears inclined to say the mandate's
3:37 pm
unconstitutional. if that were to happen in june, what happens to people, a 25-year-old who now has coverage because they're allowed to be on their parents' or somebody who had a pre-existing condition? violet is three years old, she has coverage on her parents' health care plan and they think if they go back to the old rules, the pre-obama care, her health care coverage would run out pretty soon. >> i'm really scared, very scared. like i can't sleep scared. our daughter could die and there's nothing we can do about it. >> just imagine it happening to your daughter because it can happen to anyone. so you never know. life changes. >> this is the fear some people have. >> and it's brokenhearted when you see your children and you want them to have the highest quality care that there is. i'm a mother of five children. we had 23 foster children. health care is a very important thing to parents because they love hair children. they're brokenhearted for them. and that's why i'm so concerned
3:38 pm
that we not have obama care. because the future of obama care is denial of care. it sounds good because it says everyone, poof, will have automatic health insurance coverage. you may be able to say you have health insurance coverage, but that's a far cry from saying you actually have access to care. and that's the future of obama care, denial of access. >> with divided government will heading in to a presidential election, if this law gets overturned, you don't see anything happening between now and november. >> sure we could. we could put further a bill that will actually drive down health care. we could easily have that before the congress and president obama can sign it. >> i'm skeptical, shall i say. >> we'll offer it. the house republicans would offer new health legislation. >> you have made, the tea party has made, repeal obama care, again, your term, a rallying cry for some time. it was critical when you were running for president. but you've had different
3:39 pm
approaches as to how it should be done. this is yourself earlier today at the rally. >> we leave that the action that the congress took was at its very basis unconstitutional and we are calling on the court today to declare this law unconstitutional. >> calling on the court there. just last week, you told this to the news we believe in the voice of the people that's why we're here. this repeal is not an issue that should be decided by the court. this is an issue that should be decided by tlegislators. >> and ultimately that's what we have to do. it is before the court now, they will make a decision and that's why i said -- >> would you prefer the courts not get involved? >> well, they are involved. it's a fact. but what needs to be done is that the congress needs to weigh in. they need to repeal this and find it unconstitutional. >> but why speak outside the court when you're on record saying you prefer that you do it
3:40 pm
in the halls of congress? >> we're a system of government with three different branches. came the bill is before the court. and so i'm calling on the court to declare it unconstitutional. but that doesn't mean that the the law will necessarily go away. because there's four different parts of the bill that the court is taking up. the tax portion, individual mandate portion, receiver ability clause and spending clause. we don't know how the court will vote on any of them. i hope they declare it all unconstitutional. no matter, what it's up to congress to repeal this bill and replace it with true health care legislation that will drive down the cost of health care. >> reerappreciate your time. coming up, the truth about this week's battle at the supreme court. it's about a lot more than health care. what's with you?
3:41 pm
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supreme court is tackling a question that goes well beyond the legality of the obama health care law. >> they say this is unconstitutional, then you say social security and medicare are also unconstitutional. i'm not sure the court's prepared to do that. >> the high court is very unlikely to declare social security and medicare unconstitutional, but it is wrestling with what will be a landmark case and its decision will draw the court in to the central political debate of our time. the role, the reach, the power of the federal government. >> and that is what is at stake,
3:45 pm
our freedom. will isn't about health care. it's about freedom. >> democrats of course see it differently. universal access has been a democratic rallying cry for decades. >> it is morally right, it's what this nation is all about. >> now protecting the law is the left's primary focus. >> we love obama care! we love obama care! we love obama care! >> tonight's truth won't satisfy either side. the hay court's decision will settle the constitutional questions around this one very important health care you law. but the court won't settle the role of government debate. hardly. that job rightfully falls on you, the voters. your verdict in 2008 was pretty clear. so was your verdict in 2010. both were decisive election plan dates. they just happened to be in direct conflict with each other. so now it's on to 2012. and you have choice to settle
3:46 pm
this. clearly. or to continue the tug of war that is divided government.clea. or to continue the tug of war that is divided government.this. clearly. or to continue the tug of war that is divided government. let's talk with our panel. to the sense that the significance of this case is what? and some people would argue if you're a conservative, you'd rather lose. have help uphold the law. >> there's a robust debate about the size and scope of government, its role in your life. it would not only apply to health care, but a whole bunch of other issues relating to spending and deficit and the impact on our larger economy. so i think that we're looking at the supreme court in a very political fashion while they're looking at it in a very clinical fashion. but the debate that will take place in november will be much bigger about the role of
3:47 pm
government in people's lives on a whole range of issues. >> you crunched the numbers as well as anybody. why is the country so divided still on this question? our latest poll, do you favor or oppose the mandate that is central to the health care bill. 47% favor, 51% oppose. throw in the margin of error, that's a tie. >> it goes along with us being divided by a lot of issues. this is a shame that it has gotten so politicized because when you go back and look at the elections, democrats had clear advantage around health care and look at the other 2008 election, health care and the ideals around health care helped barack obama in the presidential election. so it's something that we have to solve for. republicans have politicized the mandate. your guy had a mandate in massachusetts because that was a practical solution to the problem. so we're in a situation where practical solutions to the problem and we all know what the problem is, they get politicized and they become back and forth punching bags. >> just real quick, that was for
3:48 pm
7 million people. this was a one size fits all standard that was applied to 350 million. >> was it a mandate? >> it was mandate. i don't want to argument case here. but unique health care population of massachusetts is much different than the larger health care population of the 50 different states. >> but it was a than date. >> did the political parties want the courts in on this this question? they're not going to throw out medicare or oeshlt securisocialt this has been the defining debate. the role of government, when states should have the mandate. do you want the courts involved in this question? >> if you're a politician, my experience is you don't want to win by losing. you don't want to think that if i lose, i'll have an advantage medically. you win by winning. because at the end of the day, if barack obama loses this, this will be a defeat for his administration. he spent two years when he
3:49 pm
should have been working on the economy and jobs on this and how it goes down the tubes? it will make him a weaker president. and it will be a victory politically for republicans, but that's not the point. we do have a debate here about the role of government and whether government can make you buy things in a free country. and that is something the court should fight about. now, the last time this was a political issue was intwo years ago and republicans took congress because of it. this is the kind of issue that not only energizes the base, but makes independents -- >> but when that happened, a lot of the krichl civil democrats is that they were running from their own law. we've seen in the last couple weeks, sure, call it obama care if you want. we're proud of it, this is ours. is that a better political strategy than what happened in 2010 when i don't think you'd argue a lot of democrats hid from this. >> i agree with you completely. we should have done a better job of talking about it. you've seen the polling on this. you know when you talk about the
3:50 pm
overall bill, people are divideded on it. but when you talk about break down what's actually in the bill, people support what's actually in the bill. >> but there's another way to look at that. hey, people like this window. people like this door. but did you want it in this horrible house, in the whole p answer is no. the american people don't want it. >> no. the problem is it has been publicized and the mandate has symbolized. >> the mandate is important to the legislation. >> we have to be adults. i don't like mandates butd i want the problem solved. >> no politics. >> stand by. you guys are staying with me. erin, you're following a fascinating case, checking in on the melt down of this jet blue pilot. >> jet blue flight 191 headed to las vegas. there was an incident with the
3:51 pm
pilot. i can tell you that within the next few moments that plane is going to be landing. we are going to be talking with passengers who were there and talking about what happened when the pilot allegedly went to the bathroom. we will talk about what is going on and why we keep hearing these sorts of things and what pilots in this country are going through, whether safety is at risk. on the trayvon martin kate we will talk with the man who said al sharpton is contributing to a problem in this country. >> see you in a few minutes. dramatic video of police chase ag stolen school bus. you'll see how it ended. who would you pick to play the role of nancy reagan? what's this? [ male announcer ] quaker oatmeal squares
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on car insurance. see life in the best light. [music] transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. . we reported the parents of trayvon martin are here in washington meeting. i spoke with a special prosecutor earlier in the case. she said it makes it harder when you have this political outrage and questions of race. she said she would like time and she wishes even the parents would dial it back a bit. clearly that is not going to happen.
3:56 pm
>> trayvon was a kid. another unarmed boy whose life was lost. >> you are innocent until proven guilty under this law but arrested so peace can come to these parents and proceed under a criminal justice system that is fair to trayvon, his family as everyone else. >> there is no question the emotions are raw here. where is the line? there is outrage because people are saying the police let this thing go. at what point should the politicians step back? >> i'm surprised and impressed that it hasn't become more politicized. you have the republican governor of florida saying we have a problem here and looking into it. i'm happy that it is not as politicized as i thought it
3:57 pm
would. i think there is a question of justice that is paramount in america and doesn't pass the smell test where you have a young man going home with skittles shot down dead and the man who shot him isn't arrested. >> where you draw the line, your question is look at what our president did. i think i can give my republican union card yanked for this. he spoke about this personally as something that he understood and felt but he didn't get involved in the case itself. he took it to i think a higher place and said i think this is important to work through no matter who you are or where you come from. he let us know that it was serious without insighting anger, contributing to it and asking folks to trust the system and let it work. i think a lot of leaders could learn a lesson from that, black or white, democrat or republican
3:58 pm
right now. >> it is one of those stories everybody is talking about. >> look if there are microphones and cameras and newspaper reporters around you can be sure that politicians are going to insert themselves into this. i do think that many of the folks at home that are watching this and talking about it, they are interested in learning more facts. they are interested in finding out more before they form a judgment. i think many of the polar sides of this often times aren't. i think people are starting to make up their minds. i think it would be interesting to see whether or not media and politicians can bring people together. >> prosecutor was impressive in the conversation. she said a couple of weeks she'll have a preliminary report. >> here is the latest news you need to know right now. strong winds in colorado turned a controlled burn into a wildfire that has killed at least two people. some 900 homes in jefferson county west of denver have been
3:59 pm
evacuated and at least 4,500 acres have been scorched. speaking of homes, homes prices dropped with the average home losing about .8% of its value. a little extra contact for you. home prices are down a little more than 34% from their peak in 2006. and now check this out. it's newly released video from a police car dashboard camera showing cops chasing a stolen school bus. the bus kept going after police used spikes to sled the tires. the 27-year-old driver is now in jail facing criminal charges. still no word on where he was attempting to go in a school bus. >> you can have your own


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